Is Dove Valley Ranch Water Contaminated by Cave Creek Landfill

Not too long ago, I had a client ask if it was safe to purchase a home in Dove Valley Ranch due to the land fill right next door. And she wondered if homes were selling there.

In most areas of Dove Valley, it is un-noticable.  However, at the southwest corner of the development, it stands out like a sore thumb.

 Here are a couple of new homes along the landfill and one nice available lot.
 This is a view traveling north from the southernmost subdivision.

The current information from the ADEQ is as follows:
In 1997, TCE was found at a 5.0 micrograms per liter level.
There are no known health risks from the ground water.  This groundwater is located over 600 (ft bgs) and there is no pathway to this water.
The nearest drinking water wells for the city of Phoenix are over a mile away to the southeast. These city wells are over 1,000 (ft bgs) deep.
The Maricopa County Groundwater project is monitoring the Cave Creek Landfill using about 7 testing wells surrounding the landfill. Some are for testing the water ‘plume’, and others are for vapor testing.

Here is one such vapor  testing well .

At this time, the county sees no dangers to the drinking water aquifers.

There has also been updates to the Dove Valley Ranch CC&R’s to include disclosure of this project.

For additional information on the County’s groundwater project, contact me for more info.


Once my client read over this available report, she decided that Dove Valley was safe and we are now including Dove Valley Ranch in her search area.  She will now just keep in mind that the land fill might be visible to some areas in the ranch.

Overall, I feel that this has not hampered the sales in the ranch, in fact, the new home subdivision in the southwest corner of the ranch is building and selling rapidly.


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